Allow Wheel Repairs Edinburgh

We offer a complete alloy wheel repair service based in Lasswade, Edinburgh, Midlothian.

At Pentland Powdercoating near Edinburgh we will repair your alloy wheels so they look like new

When your wheels come into us for repair we’ll sandblast the entire wheel back to bare metal.  We’ll then repair the damage and powdercoat the complete wheel in the colour of your choice.

After which we’ll lacquer the wheel returning it to you in an as new or better than new condition. Powder Coating can be done in almost any colour.

With a powder coated and lacquered finish your wheels will be highly resistant to corrosion and damage caused by road salt and contamination. We can repair wheels in almost any condition including dented or cracked wheels from our Lasswade workshops near Edinburgh.

Call us on 0131 440 0844 now!

Our prices start at £40 +VAT for an alloy wheel repair and we are just a few miles outside Edinburgh. If your wheel still has the tyre on we will remove your tyre, carry out the repair, replace the tyre and balance your wheel for just £5 +VAT on top of your repair price. This is probably cheaper than any other supplier would do this for.

Try our courtesy car.  Drop your car in, we take off all 4 wheels, carry out the repair work, replace and balance your wheels, and lend you a courtesy car for the day, guaranteed same day return, for just £200 +VAT. But please book early this is a very popular service.

Pentland powder coating on one of the first companies in the country to offer a chrome finish powder coatings service.  Please give us a call to discuss this if it would be of interest to you.

Why just get a repair done on the localised damage when you can get the Pentland treatment and have a complete wheel refurbishment for the same price!

allow wheel before
alloy wheel after
Allow wheel before treatment
Alloy wheel after the Pentland treatment

Do be careful when comparing alloy wheel repair services, we are not all the same, many providers simply rub down and repair the local area and then respray the wheel usually without even removing the tyre. Although this repair initially looks fine its longevity will be poor and when other areas on your wheel corrode you’ll need to have the job done again.

Here at Pentland Powdercoating we are passionate about the quality of our workmanship and the whole powdercoating process. We take extreme care with your wheels and our work is so good you’ll be telling your friends about us for a long time to come. Most of our work comes from recommendations, you can’t beat that for a positive review of our services.

Alloy wheel repairs & refurbishment

Alloy Wheel repairs and refurbishment

Wheels start from an incredible  £40 +VAT

We charge a little more for over 18″ and we are experts in alloy wheel repairs and refurbishment. We can remove tyres, replace and re balance your wheel. We can repair or refurbish just one wheel or all your wheels. If you wish you bringing your car to us, we’ll lend you our courtesy car and refurbish all 4 of your alloy wheels the same day and you can collect your car on your way home.

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Motorcycle frames & wheels

Motorcycle frame repairs and powdercoating

Prices start at £40 +VAT

And it’s not just frames. We can also refurbish or repair your swing arm and wheels. We will take an corroded frame, protect the bearing areas and sandblast the old paint and corrosion off, make any repairs that may be necessary, then powdercoat it in any colour of your choice. The end result is as good as new. Our prices that will bring a smile to your face every time you look at your bike.

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